Universal asset

Free exchange with any asset, the value medium of Stream

Computing power pricing asset

Computing power fee will purchase STM for 100% and settle with STM

Ecological benchmark asset

Eco-projects will take STM as benchmark asset and can be freely traded

Native asset

No counterparty risk and trust risk, STM can be sent directly

One-stop intermediate asset

Make the best choice of making a market and bring opportunities for market makers

System security guarantee

Each transaction consumes a small number of STM to prevent attacks such as DDOS

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Crebite port resumes operation

Crebite, Stream’s ecological port, will resume operation, temporarily support the deposit and withdrawal of BTC and ETH, and then open several currency transactions one after another, expecting Crebite to become better and better! Crebite Port Official Website: Crebite port QQ group number: 67570752 Welcome friends who are interested in Crebite port to join the […]

Stream and Guangzhou Huatai Nongbo Garden to reach a deep strategic partnership

Recently, Stream has reached a deep strategic partnership with Guangzhou Huatai Nongbo Garden, which is another milestone of Stream’s landing real estate industry and a major step in the integration of Guangzhou Huatai Nongbo Garden and block chain. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in asset port construction, traceability of agricultural products, supply chain […]

Luck for Million STM

Lucky Draw: Scan QR code in wechat to participate. Rules: 1. Everyone can participate in the lucky draw. (Needed to register a account if unregistered); 2. The rewarded STM can be traded after got (Now you can make trades in the Stream’s ports like stmport, stmhub, crebite, Firefly Wallet, Jingtum Wallet, My Trust Wallet and […]

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