Universal asset

Free exchange with any asset, the value medium of Stream

Computing power pricing asset

Computing power fee will purchase STM for 100% and settle with STM

Ecological benchmark asset

Eco-projects will take STM as benchmark asset and can be freely traded

Native asset

No counterparty risk and trust risk, STM can be sent directly

One-stop intermediate asset

Make the best choice of making a market and bring opportunities for market makers

System security guarantee

Each transaction consumes a small number of STM to prevent attacks such as DDOS

About Stream





Stream foundation will lock in 70 billion STM

Reasonable allocation mechanism can promote the healthy growth of value ecology. The total amount of STM is 100 billion, which will never be issued. As time goes on, the total amount will slowly decrease. In order to better develop the market, encourage ecological construction and cooperation, and promote community development, stream foundation has decided to […]

Stream client – H5 version

The H5 version of stream client will be released soon. It is mainly aimed at the people who are inconvenient to install the app on Apple phones and other mobile devices. It can log in and use without downloading. The more convenient operation experience will be online soon. Please look forward to it!

Risk warning

Recently, a user reported that there was a USD port with a wallet username of stmusdt, and the address was vhnoyjqe8zfmxhd6wbjddeeesxklvmw9b, and reported that it had the behavior of over sending USD and unable to withdraw. The official contacted this port for many times and confirmed that it was ignored. In stream, the port can […]

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