Stream Commercially Launches in Supply Chain Finance

On May 18, 2018, the financial project of the supply chain of brand agricultural products was launched by the Beijing Tianxia Xinnong Investment Development Co., Ltd. and the Shanxi Jin Feng commune Agricultural Service Co., Ltd.

The characteristics of agricultural products such as heavy investment in bases, concentration in the listing period, short shelf life, easy loss, and difficulty in standardization make it difficult for the links in the chain to have many controllable factors and control, and it is difficult to obtain financial institutions.

The supply chain finance model of the cooperation between the two parties first takes itself as the core enterprise, leads the self-built trading platform and sets up a capital pool; then gradually liberalizes the order body, completes the transaction-matching service between the supplier and the channel through blending, and then introduces (seedlings) , agricultural resources, agricultural machinery, soil improvement, etc.) Third-party service agencies build a decentralized ecosystem and complete the risk control system in the entire chain, paving the way for all participants in the ecosystem to obtain credit from financial institutions.

It is reported that the two sides will use the “Red Lips Kiss” cherry product as a cut-in point, and then gradually introduce the “Golden Fuji”, “Red Heart of ShanShan” and other in-depth cooperation products.


The supply chain financial project is the first service project of the Stream commercial level in China, and is supported by the Singapore Stream Foundation and technical team. Relying on Stream, a shared, open, real-time and credible value-connected blockchain technology, it introduces the settlement wallet function, which provides a good solution for the security and real-time settlement of B2B transaction links of agricultural products.

Project background introduction:

Beijing Tianxia Xingnong Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianxia Xingnong”), China’s first agricultural brand incubation service organization. Founded by Mr. Hu Haiqing, a senior media person and brand curator of “Orange Orange, Willow, Pan Apple”. With a vision of reshaping the value and dignity of Chinese agriculture, we focus on the branding, branding and sales operations of China’s quality agricultural products. With the “Xing Nong method”, the high-quality agricultural products will be given the “fun, humanity and temperature” to promote the agricultural products to the consumers, and quickly move toward standardization and branding, so that the “good products will be harvested at an excellent price and the good farmers will be respected.”

Shanxi Jinfeng Commune Agricultural Service Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinfeng Agricultural Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinfeng Commune”). Jinfeng Commune was initiated and controlled by Jin Zhengda Group (002470), and the World Bank Group International Finance Corporation Huaxia Bank participated in the joint venture. The heavyweight leader and participant determined the high starting point and high positioning of Jinfeng Commune.

The planning blueprint of Jinfeng Commune is: to create a closed loop of modern agricultural industrial chain, to gather strategic resources of the global planting industry chain, to gather resources; to build a network for industry partners, establish 1,000 county-level agricultural service institutions, build networks; 50 million for China Farmers provide a full range of planting services and services; they are committed to leading China’s agriculture to a new era of high quality, lean, intelligent and sustainable.

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